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house-reef diving

Our house-reef at the diving center is divided in 2 bays. The first one – Uvala Lokva – is located at the shore in front of the diving center, so you enter the water by feet. On top of that, the beach provides a low water-area which is ideal to educate beginner-divers. The depths of the water-hight vary between 1 and 6 meters which makes the bay suitable for any kind of lection.

Further out to the right the shore presents 2 beautiful steep rock-walls reaching down between 20 and 40 meters. If you enter the water 100 meters to the left, the ocean surprises you with one more stone-wall down to 41 meters.

The entry to our other fascinating bay, called Sv.Petar, can be reached through a brief walk of 3 minutes. You will be in no need to carry your equipment, one of our busses brings it to the bay for you.

Under water a taration-course awaits you to help you learn not only taration, but also any basic diving lection.

To the right of the bay the first steep rock-wall is placed, starting at 12 meter depth going down to 33 meters through several sections.

The second rock-wall of Sv.Petar bay starts at 17 meters and ends at 35. On the left the last amazing rock-wall our bay has to offer, streches out between 20 and 40 meters down.

Based on the different bays, our diving center supplies adventurous water-worlds for any diver, from beginner to experienced – and that already in only the 2 nearest bays to the diving center. We provide opportunities to educate participants, as well as simply fun classes for any one to join. House-reef days can be booked in our no limits-offer. If you wish to dive with your own equipment, the only thing you will have to come up for, is the filling of your diving bottle, or one of our bottles where the oxygen air is already included.

Please be aware that the no limits offer is only available between january 1st to may 15th, and september 15th to december 30.

You need accomodation for the adventures with us? No problem – let us know and we will find the perfect place for you since our company is awarded as an approved travel organization.

The intire IRTDA-team is happy to welcome you as a guest in our diving center.

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