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Rescue Diver

After successfully graduating the advanced open water-diver-class, you have the chance to educate yourself even further. For example with the rescue-diver-class in which you learn to improve diving techniques that can safe lifes in emergency situations. By taking part on the rescue-diver-class you show responsibility in front of other divers which is highly respected and appreciated by beginners.

As a certified rescue-diver nothing stands in your way to become a dive-master or join the technical diver advanced programm.

the class includes:

requirements advanced open water-diver-certificate
age 16 years & older
documents needed

registration for class
your diving suitablity-certificate
medical questionare                                        
rules for safe diving

dives 35
time span of class 32 hours total

module 1
selfrescue, rescue-techniques, stress

module 2
physiology, consequences of pressure, primary & secondary diver-deseases, Aternobaro Vertigo, drowning, temperature struggles

module 3
repitition from MFA-program, priorities, first examinations, apnea, blackouts, help with suffocation, CPR, shock, bleedings, first aid, material, second examination, transport-techniques, oxygen-equipment, organisation in emergency-situations

module 4
problems with / knowlegde about equipment, configurations

module 5
recognize emergency-situations, bring blacked out victims to surface, removing equipment, exit water with a blacked out victim, recognize problems on water surface, process of finding missing divers, use of neurological charts

theory-exam 50 questions
practice in restricted open water

dealing with ... under water
... broken mask-band
... broken mask-glass
... foreign bodies in regulator
... icing of regulator 
... icing of valves
... leaky jacketts
... broken inflator / deflator
... leaky HD-hose
... broken fins

practice in open water

module 1
throw roap at least 8 meters
tow exhausted diver at least 50 meters using 3 methods
panicking diver under water
emerge unsing jelly-fish breathing from 10 meter depth
cramps on water-surface

module 2
cramps under water
alternating breathing from 10 meter depth
mouth to mouth of diver at water-surface

module 3
searching for missed diver
bringing up missed diver to water-surface

module 4
bringing up missed diver from 15 meters depth
mouth to mouth on water-surface
bringing missed diver to boat
use of CPR & oxygen-equipment

open water-exam 2 rescue-practices - 1 alone & 1 with team
certificate rescue-diver at recrative diving, allowance to participate at classes to become a professional diver (for example the dive-master-class, deep air, wreck- & cave diving)



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