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What does diving without equipment mean?

Diving does not begin with a diving bottle on your back. Accidents and mistakes can happen already at snorkel-diving, which we prevent by sending you on guided tours with our experienced staff. It is a totally different experience to glide through the water with the minimal support of a mask and a snorkel, compared to full equipment.

Why should you learn diving without equipment?

For the most part, the snorkel-classes include the ABC-equipment – mask, snorkel and fins – which is the base for any further step. Participants improve their swimming skills and learn how to recognize common dangers in the water, as for example cramps or blackouts.

After our class you will be ready to enjoy the beauty of the colorful sea on your own and without subconcious stress about dangers.

the snorkel-diver-class

Discover the incredible lightness of gliding through the ocean with your head under water while your eyes follow domestic water-creatures.

The class is being supervised by a diving instructor at all times. He has an open ear for any kinds of questions you might have and teaches you pressure equalization along the way. You also find out how to stay under water longer.

The class consists out of a mix between theoretical and practical teaching over a whole day. It is suitable for kids of 7 years and older. After the lesson you will be a certified snorkel-diver.

Have you heared of scuben? It is a mix between Hydrospeed and Canyoning. Equipped with protecting neoprene-suit, fins, mask and snorkel you go on even bigger adventures.

the class includes:


requirement     none
age 7 & older
documents needed    registration for class, your divers suitability, medical questionnare
experience of dives none
time span of class 8 hours
theory module 1 – chapter 1 – the equipment, part 1

mask, fins, snorkel, jackett, iron-girth, additional types of equipement

module 1 – chapter 2 – dive-physics
Arhemedis physics, changes of pressure & volume in depths, no gos at diving, buddy-system

module 2 – chapter 1 – the equipment, part 2
measuring instruments, signal-whistle, spare-part-box

module 3 – sensory perception
methods of communication under water, losses of warmth, locomotion, breathing

module 3 – chapter 1 – ecology
water-temperatures, impacts on sight, soils, animals, plants, fresh and salt-water, tides, streams

module 3 – chapter 3 – boat-trips & emergency-management
preperation of participants for coming boat-trips, discussion of all common emergency cases

 therory-examen  25 questions
 practice in open water choosing the right mask

preparation of mask for snorkelling, putting on equipment
choosing & adaption of fins
choosing and putting on neoprene-suit
choosing of iron-girth
use of buddy-system
enter water from shallow surface & from 1 meter hight
pressure equalization
bringing buddy up to surface at blackout
towing of blacked out buddy

 certificate   participants are allowed to join snorkeldiver-activities unsupervised



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