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our main dive-sites: Krk, Cres, Plavnik, Mali Plavnik, Galun, Kormat, Prvic, Mali Prvic.
Apart from the house-reefs directly located at our diving center, there are many more breathtaking dives to go on and the weather-conditions are always right. There are many small caves to find during regular dives, such as big fishes (palamids) or rays.

Lots of under water-plants, ideal for snorkeling.

Sveti Juraj
You dive through a mine-field from WW 2. The mines are defused and can be found in depths of 7, 14 and 21 meters. There is also a small boat-wreck.
Sika Negrit
Sharks can be found at this beautiful reef. 

Rt Negrit
A steep-rock wall with unique plant-growth.
This dive-site is ideal for beginners. From shallow water you look down at a rock-wall going down to 18 meters depth.
Steep rock-wall that holds a surprise at 25 meters depth - a ship-wreck.
Plic Tenki
Dreamy reef with several rock-caves starting at 3 meter depth and going down to 40 meters. 9 meters down, a tunnel of 5 meter length can be found, revealing a breathtaking plant-growth. But not only divers have found this unique place - eels and several fish use it as a hiding spot.

Extraordinary position of 2 reefs in front of each other with 25 meters distance reveals countless kinds of fish, snails, sponges and jelly-fish. The reef goes down to 35 meters depth and is barely disturbed by streams.

A steep rock-wall with astonishing caves.
Kamin Vrbnik
This is a tunnel with a connection to the water-surface and air. Its entry can be found at 15 meters depth and can only be experienced by highly schooled divers since the consistency of the ground in the tunnel being muddy and sandy holds some difficulties to beginner-divers. With a little luck you might even see an eel.
steep rock-wall Vrbnik
An astonishing reef-world at rock-walls.
Sv Marak
Dreamy bay with 2 diving possibilities offers 1 steep rock-wall, a cave, a boat-wreck, and even parts of an airplain from WW 2. Along the way you might be accompanied by bear-crabs.
Rt Silo
Perfectly suitable for beginners and experienced divers. If you go down to a depth of 35 meters, the ground shows its fanscinating mix of rock and sand.

the greek wreck Peltastis
At this dive-site you discover the wreck of a wood-freighter from Greece that sunk 1968 due to a crash on the rocks near the bay Klimno. The wreck is 60 meters long and the highest mast is 18 meters tall.

cave / Kamin of Cres
Beautiful cave visited by lots of fish who accompany you during the entire dive.
the drunk dworf
Amazing plant-growth combined with tunnels and their partly collapsed ceilings. Experience unique light-plays on a steep rock-wall near by.
wreck Lina
A fantastic wreck laying at 27 meters depth streching over a lenghts of 80 meters. Many of our guests describe it as an absolute must visit.
A spectacular rock-wall near a channel provides a home for tuna, giant fish-swarms, mackerels and is mostly known for sea-fan-fields.
Here a sea-mine from WW 1 can be found, but this dive-site is mainly known for its richness of fish.
Big Cave & Deep Cave
A huge cathedral with uncommon plant-growth and approximately 10 to 35 meters high accompanied by an astonishing topography. The steep rock-wall reaches down into the dark blue ocean right behind it.

A sunken kajak lays on 9 meters depth which makes it available for beginner-divers as well.
dive-sites on Plavnik

Mali Plavnik
Reef-formation with several caves, leading to steep rock-walls that seem to fall down endlessly. A perfect place for snakes, jelly-fish and dragon-head-fish. You might even see a monk-fish of 1,5 meters length.


One of the most beautiful walls on the island. Several caves are waiting to be discovered.

Plavnik Caves
A steep rock wall with a huge amount of small, breathtaking caves.
cannons of Plavnik 
A cannon-wreck from the 18th century. By now the cannons are the only thing left of the ship. It is also a home of sea-horses and congereels.
One of the most popular dive-sites on the island. At the end of the steep rock-walls a boat-wreck can be found that gave this place its name.
Plavnik stair-plateau
A dive-site consisting of several plateaus, perfect for macrophotography.
island-group Kormati
These small islands provide everything you could ask for: steep rock-walls, caves, sea-weed-areas and animals. Absolutely worth a visit.
island-group Galun

old sailing boat-wreck
Visit an old sailing boat-wreck and discover the secrets it holds.
This astonishing amophore-field reaches down to 30 meters.

rock-ledge Prvic

Steep rock-walls and tunnels to dive through are waiting for you at this extraordinary place. The tunnels are rich of fish and plant-grwoth, and can be entered at a depths of 17 meters.

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