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medical diver-education

Dealing with diving medicine is essential for every diver. Even if diving counts as one of the safest sports on earth, there can never be a guarantee that no accidents will happen.

The oxygen-provider is based on the medic first aid-class. One of the most important first aids at diving is the administration of pure oxygen to a victim. This class will teach you everything you need to know, so you will be able to act right in an accident-situation.

the class includes:

valid for 3 years, certified medic first aid-oxygen-provider

ngen Sie benötigen um an Kurs teilnähmen zu können und vor allen Dingen können Sie das auch uns mit Mitbewerbern vergleichen. 

requirements medic first aid
age 14 years & older
documents needed application to class
dives 0
time span of class 16 hours

anatomy of human body
function of breathing
therapeutic impact of oxygen
recognizing deseases requiring oxygen-treatment
statistical numbers of dive-accidents
different cases for oxygen-therapy
code of conduct for oxygen-providers
oxygen-actions at accidents
practice 10 simulations of different accidents
theory-exam 25 questions
Zertifizierung valid for 3 years, certified medic first aid-oxygen-provider

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