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specialty & seminars

Special wishes or trainings? No problem for us!

the speciality-program
This program is extraordinary helpful for every diver who wants to improve and perfect their diving skills. In the following you will get an overview of our 26 programs that you can book with us. Some of them are neccessary for the development of becoming a diving instructor. A participation is only possible with an OWD-certificate. We are looking forward to your visit!


Explore the ocean in another light. The class includes special communication-methods and navigation at restricted sight. You learn how to proceed certain actions and get to know special equipment that is neccessay for nightly dives. Throughout the class you gain more and more confidence about diving in the dark.



Learn to plan and proceed your deep dive correctly. The class includes all important topics, as for example the use of certain equipment and preventing a nitrogen blackout, such as decompression-desease. It is suitable for every curios diver who can not get enought of discovering the ocean-secrets, or for participants who may want to become professional divers and specify on depths.



Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to float over a reef in perfect taration? Find out in this class by using certain techniques to optimize your spread of weight and balance. This knowledge is especially helpful if you intend to dive on sensitive coral-reefs and get really close to all the life without destroying anything our hurting yourself because of uncontrollable movements.



This method makes it possible for you to breath under water without inhaling too much nitrogen in each breath. It is ideally to use in cold water and guarantees shorter breaks on the water-surface. The class only takes half a day.



Based on your knowlegde from Nitrox Level 2 you learn to extend the "no deco". It is perfectly suitable as a preperation for wreck-dives and allows you to dive with a max. nitrogen-mix of 40 %. The class takes approximately 1 day.



This class enables you to take the amazing under water-footage you always wanted. You learn to take advantage of modern technology and make your memories last even longer.



You want to improve your under water-navigation? It is something you will make great use of on all your following dives. This class takes approximately 1 day.

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